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Areas We Serve:
We provide residential skylight and commercial skylight installation and repair in the following cities and surrounding areas: Houston, Austin, San Antonio, College Station, and Beaumont.
We primarily focus regionally in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and surrounding areas, but have performed projects nationwide when needed.



Our Experience


We have over 35 years of experience working with various skylight systems across the nation.  We have built and repaired skylights in Houston and across the nation, working with school districts, architects, commercial real estate companies, and homeowners.  What makes H & H unique is our ability to understand various types of skylights systems from various skylight manufacturers.  This helps us to identify and repair the problems that other skylight companies are not able to.


Our Outlook


H & H has a reputation for high quality, innovative skylight systems that function properly.  We have a unique outlook to creating a skylight systems.  While other companies only look to create a seal that keeps water from entering the system, we take it a step further.  We also seek to control the flow of water so that if water did ever enter the system, it would drain out of the unit and onto the roof.  After all, this system in a large investment that should perform properly for years, not one that requires continual maintenance. 


Our Quality


At H & H, we believe quality is at the forefront of everything we do.  We are passionate about the skylight systems we create and strive to have our finished product show this passion.  We do not look to be another skylight company.  We strive to be premier skylight designers, manufacturers, and installers.


Garry Humble


Garry first started working in the skylight industry as a teenager, working at a large skylight company over the summers.  He learned quickly and eventually designed his own skylights.  After studying Engineering at the University of Houston, Garry has ran one of the most successful Houston based skylight companies for decades.  After consulting for several years, Garry helped form H & H Skylight Fabricators.  His innovation and understanding of skylights is second to none.  To know what makes H & H different from other skylight companies- look no further than our president.


Jason M. Humble

Chief Executive Officer

As the third generation of Humbles in the skylight industry, Jason has a lifetime in the industry.  He started working in shop creating skylights during high school and worked with the field crews on the installation of several large projects before stepping away from the industry to learn about the business world.   Jason studied finance at the University of Houston and then law at South Texas College of Law.  He worked for several fortune 500 companies and learned how some of the strongest businesses in the nation operate.   Jason uses this background in forming the direction and growth of our company. 

Dalia Humble

Marketing Director


Dalia joined H & H as the Director of Marketing.  She brings years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry from one of the largest services companies in the world.  At H & H, she is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of the business. In addition to strategic business development efforts, she manages and oversees online media efforts, branding, advertising and website development.

Bilingual in Spanish

Wayne D. Humble

Commercial Sales


Wayne Humble brings decades of experience in the construction industry and has worked in nearly every phase of the skylight industry from skylight repairs, to installation of new skylights, to working directly with clients.  He has a passion for working with people and loves discussing skylights projects.  Wayne takes pride in his work and the projects we do for our clients.  Don't be surprised if you see him around the jobsite while one of his projects is being worked on. 

Roy Vasquez

Production Manager

 Roy joined our team after leading production in several fields. Most recently, Roy oversaw the construction and installation of walkway coverings.  Roy is meticulous with the details and understands the construction of the skylight from every phase. With us, he now oversees the manufacturing process of our skylights.  He is integral to ensuring our quality control in both the manufacturing of the skylights and the finished product in the field.

Bilingual in Spanish

H & H Skylight Fabricators, LLC is a family owned and operated business.  After three generations in the skylight industry, Garry, Jason, and the rest of the H & H family are here to provide expert skylight options for your home or business throughout Houston, San Antonio, Austin & Dallas.

​​"Bringing Natural Light Into Your Life"

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